We continue to be humbled by the positive feedback we receive, like this one from a local high school teacher. Here’s what she has to say about Conversations on the Fringe:

“I support Conversations on the Fringe because I work with teenagers every Monday – Friday in my classroom. I teach English, but my role is much greater than that. Teachers have to be good role models, show compassion, listen for what we are not hearing from our students and try to keep them motivated to learn, despite a myriad of personal problems. I need every tool I can get to try to empathize with my students. Conversations on the Fringe is one of the best tools for me. It helps me to gain an understanding of perspectives my students might be experiencing so that I can be on alert if a student needs serious help. Each time I read a posting, I am brought that much closer to a student in need. As I educate them, I educate myself, too.”

Angie Stokes-Pittman – High School English Teacher

It’s comments like this that motivate us to keep develop relevant content, training, and other resources.

Our hope for the rest of 2016 and into 2017 is to expand our reach and impact. One way you can help us do that is by sharing our work with new people. Here are a few ways you can do that:

  1. Like our Facebook Page. Share it with others.
  2. Tell others about us. Word of mouth is still the easiest and best way to expose others to our work.
  3. Schedule an event in your community, church, or organization. Check out our Fringe Initiatives to discover the best fit for you and your community/organization.
  4. Tell your youth pastor, supervisor, principal, or organization about us. Shoot him/her an email or text with a link to our website and tell them you think we can help and how. http://conversationsonthefringe.com
  5. Email us and let us know what new resources are needed in your community/organization.

We hope to see all of you somewhere in this upcoming year. Check out our calendar to see where we’re going to be and stop by and say hello.