While trying to discern what information is being searched for and consumed the most we were able to identify topics that are in need of further exploration.  Our top 10 list of 2010 is not a self-congratulatory pat on the back but rather an attempt to guide our focus for 2011.

The following posts we our most read blog posts of 2010 and therefore the ones that revealed some of the areas of greatest need.

  1. The State of Male Adolescence Today
  2. 10 Things You Need To Know About Date Rape
  3. The Importance Of Harmonious Peer Relationship
  4. Forgiveness: A Leap Of Faith
  5. Teen Dating Violence
  6. Roles Of Children In Dysfunctional Families
  7. Self Injury Quick Reference
  8. Ten Strategies for Working with Boys
  9. Cognitive Distortions
  10. Basic Brain Function and Emotional Hijacking

It’s obvious to us that there is a great need for resources/information on working with and understanding young, developing boys, teen dating violence, self-injury, and understanding the brain of adolescents.  But we’d also like to hear from you about what topics, information, research we can provide so you can continue to grow in your capacity for loving and equipping young people to follow in the ways of Jesus.

From us to you and yours, prayers of blessings and gratitude for your support of Conversations on the Fringe in 2010.