Trauma and violence are widespread, harmful, and costly public health concerns. They have no boundaries with regard to age, gender, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Trauma is a common experience for adults and children in American communities, and it is especially common in the lives of people with mental and substance use disorders. For this reason, the need to address trauma is increasingly seen as an important part of the faith community, as it can play a role in the healing and recovery process.

Conversations on the Fringe offers trauma-informed training for faith and community organizations who work with at-risk children and students. Our one day training includes:

  • Defining Trauma and Types of Trauma
  • Developmental Considerations
  • Brain Science
  • Stress Response
  • Attachment Theory and Family Systems
  • The Three Tasks of Adolescence
  • Risk Factors and the Five B’s of Trauma
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
  • The Three Pillars of Trauma-Informed Environments
  • Empowering Kids
    • Ecological Strategies
    • Physiological Strategies
    • Shaping Healthy Behaviors
    • Connected Discipline vs. Distance Discipline
    • Proactive Strategies
    • Creating and Environment of Felt Safety
  • Self-Care: Protecting Yourself from Vicarious Trauma

If you are concerned about the impact of trauma on children and youth in your community or organization, contact us today to schedule a training.