Needs Assessment: a comprehensive survey of the most pressing problems facing your youth and their families.

Youth Curriculum: customized lessons for large or small group settings focused on specific topics of hurt (i.e., depression, suicide, self-harm, lgbtq, etc.).

Support Group Development: coaching to develop a healing ministry for hurting youth/families.

Crisis Response Training: equipping front line workers with crisis response skills.

Community Education/Workshops: public presentations on relevant topics such as; current drug trends, bullying, youth development, and youth character development for athletic coaches.

Video Consulting: on-demand video consultation on a variety of topics team training creative brainstorming sessions.

Professional Mentoring: one-on-one mentoring to increase pastoral counseling skills to youth.

2-Day Training Conference: a comprehensive training event for individual churches/local youth networks or regional/denominational training with discussions centering on identity formation, mental health/substance abuse, pornography/sex, racial issues, juvenile criminal justice matters, and self-care.

2-Year Cohort: an extended learning journey with up to 12 others who meet quarterly via face-to-face, video, phone to discuss working group projects.

Conference Speaking: keynote speaking or training sessions (2hr, 4hr, or 8hr tracks).

Soul Care: retreat format focused on rest and refilling the cup that ministry tends to empty quickly.

Life Support Ministry Development: a comprehensive ministry focus on holistic support for hurting youth and their families.