Launching in winter 2016/spring 2017. Amplifying the voices of the unheard.

After a brief project of interviewing young LGBTQ students and giving them a platform to share their stories, their response was overwhelming. This marginalized group of young people all reported that they have never been asked to share their story and further more none felt they even had a platform to do so.

We were so deeply impacted by these humanizing stories that we are launching the Voices Project to create safe spaces for people to just tell their stories. That’s it. Nothing complicated. We believe in the power of human stories and believe those stories will transform how we see “others” and those “different” than us.

Storyteller Cafes are gatherings for anyone with a story to tell (LGBTQIA+, person of color, addicts, disabled, etc.) because story matters, it’s what connects us and give us a sense of belonging. We are looking for gathering spaces like pubs, coffee shops, churches, community centers, theaters or other places where people can gather together and story.

If you are interested in hosting a Storyteller Cafe contact CotF today to schedule a one in your area.