With years of experience of connecting with the most challenging students, CotF offers this one day training on the Art of Connecting. During this training we will explore the best practices for connecting with resistant or guarded students. This is the perfect training for volunteer youth workers who have not studied youth ministry practices or had the opportunity for continuing education.

Here are a few of the topics we will cover on connecting with teens on the fringe:

Bridge building

How to make that first contact in a meaningful way?

Cultivating a spirit of learning

Curiosity is key in connecting with others.  How do we foster a spirit of curiosity?

Law of the lid

We will explore our preconceived expectations of these fringe kids and how they impede our interactions with them.

The culture of an individual

Each student is a culture unto themselves. How will we  explore that culture as it relates to effectively building a relationship with them?

Doing away with my agenda

How my agenda actually breeds a distrust that is nearly impossible to overcome.

Checking our personal bias at the door

Often our personal biases impact how well we connect with others, especially those different than us.

Finding common ground

Discovering shared experiences, dreams, fear, and failures.

What is being said without words

What are the stories they are telling about themselves and the world they live in?

Contact us today if you want to bring the Art of Connection to your church, school, or community program.