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RealTalk Drug Prevention Programs are geared towards those who wish to have honest conversations about drugs and alcohol. RealTalk does not rely on fear as a motivator for youth to make wise choices. We operate from the belief that no child ever dreams of growing up to become a drug addict or alcoholic. That fundamental belief drives our believe that youth, when armed with good and honest information, make good choices. Our goal is to provide the “bigger picture” when it comes to drug use and misuse.

We offer services for consultation, speaking/presentations, churches, school assemblies, health class curriculum, community events, and coalition support.

We offer programs for the following:


We provide experiential and engaging educational opportunities for youth of all ages, K – 12, and even into college. We talk to students (at age-appropriate levels) on the following subjects:

  • Basic Drug Education
  • Understanding Your Brain
  • Why Choices Matter and How to Make Good Ones
  • Navigating Peer Pressure
  • Refusal Skills
  • Bullying (bullies, bystanders, and victims)
  • Secret Scars (self-injury)
  • Cultural and Media Influences (discerning popular culture messages)
  • Dealing with a Stressful Home
  • Building Strong Bonds with Parents
  • Developing Coping Skills
  • Living with a Family Member who Struggles with Addiction


Being a parent is already challenging enough without a child who struggles with drug use. Does tough love really work? Is this just a phase they are going through? If I ignore it will it go away or should I clamp down hard now to keep this from getting out of hand?

Our parenting program will help parents evaluate the systemic causes driving the drug/alcohol use while increasing the likelihood that youth who haven’t started using, won’t.

We focus on the follow:

  • How do I talk to my child/youth/teen about drugs and alcohol
  • What are risk factors
  • What are signs and symptoms of substance abuse
  • Hidden in Plain Sight (a way to evaluate your teen’s room for signs of drug use)
  • Creating a united front between both parents
  • Setting Boundaries
  • When do I seek help (i.e., treatment, counseling, 12 step)
  • Is this my fault?
  • How do I support my sober child without enabling him/her/they


RealTalk is one of the premiere middle/high school assembly programs in the country. Our speakers use current evidence-based prevention research in their presentations. If you are looking for a dynamic and engaging speaker/presentation for your school assembly, we can work with you to address a variety of topics.


We get asked to speak to community groups all the time. There is a need and desire to know more about issues like the heroin/prescription opiate epidemic, naloxone overdose reversal training, current drug trends, and best practices for youth drug prevention. Here are just some of the topics we cover in our community education presentations:

  • Current Drug Trends
  • The Problem of Heroin and Youth
  • Safeguarding Your Medication
  • Asset-Based Youth Prevention
  • Risk-Factors vs. Protective Factors
  • Interventions That Work
  • Coalition Building
  • Creating Support for Youth in Recovery

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