Race and Racism: Deconstructing Whiteness for Teens

As white people, we should approach the conversation and activism surround race and racism with humility. In many ways, we are visitors to a conversation that has been ongoing for years by People of Color. This is a one day workshop for white folks who are seeking to listen and learn about privilege, in order to become better allies to People of Color.

Every human has intrinsic value as one created in the Imago Dei (Image of God). The needless suffering caused by racism must end if we hope to usher in the beloved community, a community made up of all humankind. This one day workshop is for white students seeking to end racial discrimination and injustice, starting by looking at ourselves, our whiteness, and the privilege that is inherent in that whiteness, and then moving out into our relationships, communities, and the world we live in.

During our time together we will address the following:

Session #1: Rules of Engagement

Session #2: Exploring the Language of Race and Racism

Session #3: A Survey of White Supremacy in the United States

Session #4: The Emotional Lives of White People

Session #5: Understanding the Power of Microaggressions

Session #6: Racial Identity Development and the Development of a Healthy White Identity

Session #7: Being a Good Ally and Creating the Beloved Community

*** There is required investment prior to the day of the workshop.

  • Listen:
    • 1619 Podcast (All 5 Episodes)
  • Watch: 
    • 13th documentary on Netflix

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