Innovative Disruption is the process of replacing existing ideas, products, policies or culture with emerging technologies or new systems of thought.  – Clayton Christensen from Harvard Business School

This term describes the process by which new ideas, products or systems compete for the lower end of a market, then compete successfully with established businesses by improving quality.

Imagine marginalized youth in your community being the “lower end” or not mainstream. As resources get scarce, less time and energy will be focused toward those on the fringe and will instead be directed towards the familiar/common/norm that is already present in our ministries.

At an Innovative Disruption event, you will reconsider ministry in the context of our current reality and strive to innovate new ways to reach the marginalized, exploited, and vulnerable in your community and around the world.

We offer multiple options to meet the needs of your community:

2 Hour Workshop (Working with LGBTQ+ Youth)

  • Language Matters
  • Stages of Coming Out
  • Risk-Factors for LGBTQ+ Youth

Half-day Training

  • Adolescent development overview
  • LGBTQ+ risk factors
  • LGBTQ+ informed ministry
  • Social Justice/Sex Trafficking of Queer Youth

Leadership Consultation

  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Sensitivity Training
  • Orthodoxy vs. Orthopraxy
  • Incarnational Ministry
  • Inclusion Models of Ministry
  • Crisis Counseling

Whole Church Movement

  • Movement I – Leadership Team – Our team will work with your leadership team/elders to walk through difficult theological concerns, help you evaluate your orthopraxy and missional framework.
  • Movement II – Executive Board – Our team will work with your executive board to evaluate current policies (related to LGBTQ+ serving, partaking, or leading in the church), explore inclusion models, and prepare for crisis counseling.
  • Movement III – Congregational – Our team will provide specialized training to members of the congregation interested in becoming allies, share stories of other churches that have successfully transitioned to inclusion, and assist with sermon development that addresses LGBTQ+ concerns.

Family Care Ministry Development

  • Is it my fault?
  • How do I explain to others?
  • How do I protect my queer child?
  • How do I support my queer child?
  • Will they reject our faith?

Safe Spaces

  • Anti-Bullying
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Community Education
  • Grooming Education

LGBTQ+ Community Peace Events

  • Partnering with Pride Events
  • Bridge-Building Events
  • Cultural Celebration Events
  • Anti-LGBT Violence Walks

If you are interested in Innovative Disruption services/consultation, want to discuss the cost of services, or have any other questions, email us today at