Not That Bad: Dispatches from Rape Culture

“This may be one of the most challenging books (to my own toxic masculinity) that I’ve ever read. I still have so much inner work to do.”

                                                                                                       – Founder of CotF Chris Schaffner

Here’s an excerpt:

It’s not okay to hit the girl you like. And it’s not okay to hit the girl you love.

The world around you tells women that they should always nod politely no matter what they’re feeling inside. Don’t ever take a polite nod for an answer. Wait for her to yell it: “Yes!”

Not everyone gets sex when they want it. Not everyone gets love when they want it. Things is true for men and women. A relationship is not your reward for being a nice guy, no matter what the movies tell you.

Birth control is your job, too.

Don’t ever use an insult for a woman that you wouldn’t use for a man. Say “jerk” or “shithead” or “asshole”. Don’t say “bitch” or “whore” or “slut”. If you say “asshole”, you’re criticizing her parking skills. If you say “bitch”, you’re criticizing her gender.

Here are some phrases you will need to know. Practice them in the mirror until they come as easy as songs you know by heart: “Do you want to?” “That’s not funny, man.” “Does that feel good?” “I like you, but I think we’re both a little drunk. Here’s my number. Let’s get together another time.”