We are excited to announce two new Fringe initiatives launching in the Summer/Fall of 2016. We’ll share more as get closer to launch dates but were are passionate about these initiative and hope you will be too.

The Voices Project – After a brief project of interviewing young LGBTQ students and giving them a platform to share their stories the immediate response was overwhelming. This marginalized people group all echoed sentiments that become the impetus for the Voices Project. Each person interviewed reported that they had never been asked to hare their story and further more non felt they even had a platform to do so. We were so deeply impacted by these humanizing stories that we are launching the Voices Project to provide a safe space for people to just tell their stories. That’s it. Nothing complicated. We believe in the power of human stories and hope that stories will challenge our assumptions we make about “others” and those “different” than us.

True-North Student Leadership Academy – Fringe recognizes the need for quality student leadership development and is working with other professionals in the youth-service field to provide affordable online learning opportunities that will equip students to shape the culture they live in. Students will learn from a diverse group of leaders from various industries, such as; health care, education, social services, non-profit management/ministry, and the business world. This is a one of a kind leadership development initiative that has the potential to impact your student for a lifetime.

Of course we still offer our Soul Care support and community education/workshops. If you are interested in learning more about any of our initiative email us cschaffner@fringeconversations.com