This is the first in a series of post exploring the complex issue of bullying in all of its various forms.

The Ways and Means of Bullying


1.            Verbal Bullying (boys & girls equally use this)


2.            Physical Bullying (mostly boys)


3.            Relational Bullying (mostly girls)


4.            Cyber-Bullying (boys & girls equally use this)



The Makeup of a Bully


1.            The Confident Bully (arrogant)

2.            The Social Bully (gossip)

3.            The Detached Bully (dissociative)

4.            The Hyperactive Bully (learning disability)

5.            The Bullied Bully (transference)

6.            The Bunch of Bullies (mob mentality)

7.            The Gang of Bullies (strategic alliance seeking power)


Common Bully Traits


1.            Like to dominate people

2.            Like to use other people to get what they want

3.            Lack of empathy

4.            Self-Seeking

5.            Violence in the absence of adults

6.            View other as weak and potential prey

7.            Uses blame, criticism, and false allegations

8.            Refuse to accept responsibility

9.            Lacks foresight and short term and long term consequences

10.         Crave attention

11.         Is NOT about anger




1.            A sense of entitlement – the privilege and right to control, dominate, subjugate, and otherwise abuse another human being

2.            An intolerance toward differences – different equals inferior and thus not worthy of respect

3.            A liberty to exclude – to bar, isolate, and segregate a person deemed not worthy of respect or care