This week we’re in Chicago, one of my favorite cities in the whole world.  The Cubs are still in Mesa but we’re here anyways.

So far this week we (Adam and Chris) have been to North Park University to guest lecture at the Center for Youth Ministry Studies with Ginny Olson.  Adam and I presented on Multidimensional Youth Ministry to Youth with Disabilities.  We had an amazing time with the seminary students there who are wrestling with a “Theology of Disabilities”.  It will be interesting to see where things go in the near future with the relationship between the Church and People with Disabilities.

Tonight I (Chris) am headed over to Access Living to share with their youth program leaders on “Self-Care for Leaders”.  I may post more about the content of that discussion later.  I’ll be heading home to Peoria, Il. after tonight’s presentation.  The kids have called to ask when I’m coming home.

I’ll be back in Chicago in April for the UYWI Reload Chicago.  Fringe is leading a workshop on Creating Communities of Healing.  We’ll explore different ways urban youth ministries can manage the increase in acute problems youth experience in today’s society.

Then in May I’ll be heading out to L.A. for the West Coast UYWI Conference.  I’ve presented there once before on self-injury and depression among adolescents and am excited to get back there again this year.  I’ll  be presenting the same workshop from the Chicago Reload on Creating Communities of Healing and a new one on Prescription Pill Abuse Among Adolescents.

Last year I wrote an article for the Youth Specialties website about prescription pill abuse and since then it’s become a national epidemic.  I’m excited to present this one and am looking forward to hearing what others have to say about this problem.

And, to round out summer, I’ll be joining 15 other from Adventures in Missions on a trip to Haiti.  I’ll excited and nervous about going.  There is still a great need for help there as it will take years to rebuild.  It looks like we will likely do some work with a local orphanage.  I’ll share more detail as I learn them.  If you have a week that you can spare this summer, consider doing something that will change your life.  Go to Haiti.

There’s a lot that’s happening and we’re trying to find that balance between work and play.  Keep us in your prayers this year.