Conversations on the Fringe (CotF) is an organization seeking creative and innovative ways to bridge the gap between the mental health community and those entities (particularly schools and churches) that serve youth in contemporary society.


To be a leading entity in providing training, resources and consulting services to youth, families, and community organizations in the areas of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health among adolescents.

Core Values


We commit to being wiling to enter those dark places on the fringe where many youth, who have been marginalized, have been pushed. We are committed to taking the help and hope they need TO them.


We are not afraid to reach innovatively into that darkness either. We are willing to push the limits and even fail in our attempts to find and reach out to those who are broken, victimized, and oppressed.


Believing that honesty is the foundation for any hope for a healthy and holistic lifestyle, we model honesty in our work with the community and in our administrative activity.


We are committed to helping build and model healthy community(ies), believing that healthy community(ies) produce healthy individuals.


We embrace the fight for justice/advocacy as the voice of our conscience; believing that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

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